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Bloemfontein is situated in the Free State, South-Africa. In the heart of the City is the Franklin Game Reserve on top of the well known flat top hill,  Naval Hill, along with the Sterrewag Theater. On the side of the Hill there is a huge White Horse laid out in the earlier days to serve as a landmark. Rooikat Taxi's can take you onto Naval Hill if you want to enjoy the scenery and the wild animals. Naval Hill is the first recognizable landmark visible when you approach Bloemfontein from any direction.

     Bloemfontein Places of Interest

1)  Franklin Game Reserve - The Game Reserve is situated on naval Hill in the middle of Bloemfontein.

2)  Womens Memorial - Memoriam Road

3)  Hertzog's Huis - Kazerne Street

4)  First Raadsaal - Pres Brand Street

5)  Old Presidency - St George Street

6)  Tweetoring Church - The Church is in Charles Street

7)  Oliewenhuis - Harry Smith Street

8)  Free State Stadium - The Stadium is in the Centre of the City.

9)  National Museum - Aliwal Street in Bloemfontein.

10) Free State Botanical Garden - Here we have a huge variety of plant species.

11) The Bloemfontein Zoo - The Zoo is also situated in the City .

12) The Windmill Casino - Bloemfontein has its own Casino situated about  7 Km from the Center of the City. Here are some Restaurants and many other things to keep you busy.

13) The Soetdoring Nature Reserve - The Nature Reserve is situated a few kilometers out of the city on the R700.

14) The Sterrewag Theater - The Sterrewag theater is also on top of Naval Hill.